Introduction of Katsuaki Sato

Here Katsuaki Sato is introduced

Educational background and Work History
1964 Graduated Kyoto University, Electrical Dept.
1966 Completed Mater Course of Graduate School of Kyoto University
1966 Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Osaka Station
1968 Broadcasting Science Research Laboratory of NHK
1984 Associate Professor, Tokyo University of Adriculture and Technology(TUAT)
1989 Professor, TUAT
Sato Laboratory was established in 1984, after he moved from NHK to TUAT.
His majors arer magnetism and semiconductor physics, extended to crystal engineering, superconductor, nanomagnetism.
He joined the 21st Century COE Program of MEXT with the research theme of "Nano-Future Materials" from 2002 to 2006.
On 2004 TUAT became an independent agency. He belonged to Graduate School of Technology and to the Center for Higher Education.
On 2004 he was nominated as Councilor of TUAT.
On 2005 he was nominated as the vice president of TUAT and Chief of Center for Higher Education.
On 2007 he retired TUAT.
From 2007, he assumed the Research Supervisor of the PRESTO Program ”Next Generation Innovative Devices" of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) 
 On 2007 he joined Evaluation Taskforce for Basic Research Programs of JST.
 On 2007 he became Professor Emeritus of TUAT.
On 2008 he assumed Supervisor of JST Research Public Relations.
 On 2010 he assumed the fellow for Center of Research and Development Strategy (CTRDS) of JST.
 On 2013 the Presto Program "#Next Generation Innovativ Devices" ended.
On 2013 he became an editorial advisor of Science Window of JST.
 On 2015 he assumed an advisor for Presto Program "Phase Boundary Research for High Efficiency Energy Utilization.
On 2016 he assumed sub-PD of Nanotechnology Platform Project of MEXT.
On 2017 he assumed the PD of Nanotechnology Platform.
On 2018 he retired JST.
On 2018 he was nominated as a Specially assigned Felow of CRDS of JST.
On 2018 he became a Reseach Advisor of TUAT
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