STEP Lecture Class "Introduction to Optoelectronics"

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October 26Introduction
Optoelectronics in our neighborhood
Syllabus and QuizSyllubus and QuizOHP(html)download
November 02Optical Communication (1)Lecture note(html)Lecture note(Word)OHP(html)download
November 09Optical Communication (2)--OHP(html)download
November 16Optical Communication (3)--OHP(html)download
November 30Presentation(1)--__
December 07Optical Storage (1)--OHP(html)download
December 14Optical Storage (2)--OHP(html)download
December 21Presentation (2)----
January 11Displays (1)--OHP(html)download
January 18Displays (2)--OHP(html)download
January 25Magneto-optics--OHP(html)download
February 1Photo: STEP students and Sato Lab students----

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